Our Health Mission

The brain controls every organ of your body. It is the powerhouse of the body and the core of aging. Everybody’s brain processes at a specific speed we measure that speed and hertz. As we age and we go through life traumas such as prescription drugs stress physical trauma mental trauma pregnancies the neurons (cells of the brain)  goes into a protective mechanism hunkering down and firing at a lower rate than what The rest of your brain is firing at. We call this irregular brainwave frequency. When your brain wants to fire at a higher rate yet the neuron is in a protective mode in fire at a lower rate is believed  to be the root of many mental conditions – such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, OCD, sleep disorders, migraine, addiction, ADD/ADHD, autism, and more.


Currently the medical community treats these conditions with pharmaceutical drugs. Some research, and our clinical experience, suggests that brain frequencies (the firing frequencies of neurons) can actually be adjusted using magnetic stimulation with repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (“PrTMS”). Of course everybody’s brain is different and everybody’s neurons are different. That’s why we do customized treatments based off brain scans every five treatments. A brain scan done by an EEG because it’s a snapshot of what’s going on with your neurons and all the different lobes of your brain. Then we customize the magnetic dosing to your specific brain and this is the PrTMS® is a method